At Baley-Trotman farms, we focus on producing the very best crops possible while respecting and replenishing the natural resources which have allowed our family to successfully farm for three generations.

From water conservation to soil health and operational efficiencies, sustainability is a primary focus on our farm. We are always looking for new technologies and methods which allow our production techniques to maximize growth while minimizing negative impacts. 

Moisture monitors have been introduced to a number of our fields in order to better manage and understand soil hydrology, water usage and the the effect which watering patterns have on our crops.

The data collected by our solar-powered moisture meters provide an invaluable source of information which we refer to throughout the growing season and when preparing crop plans for the future.

With nearly 300 sunny days per year, our area provides the ideal environment to harness solar power as a primary renewable resource in our farm's operations.

Baley-Trotman Farms was one of first farms in the Klamath Basin to develop solar infrastructure for the purpose of supporting agricultural activities. We have continued investing in solar power arrays, which help supplement or completely offset the energy it takes to run a large-scale agricultural operation while reducing emissions and replenishing the power gird. Today, many of our pump sites, potato cellars, farm shops and processing shed are powered by the sustainable power of the sun.

Over the years, our farm has focused on replacing equipment with more efficient models which allow for precision production.

By systematically phasing in updated equipment, our farm is able to eliminate excessive emissions, reduce downtime and ensure that the right tools are available to accomplish any job in the field.

One of the key components in our our sustainable approach to farming is the operation of our seed farm and storage facilities.

The vertical integration of our seed farm includes producing, storing and utilizing our own seed stock. This allows our farm to have access to the right seed, at the right time, in the right quantities for any growing season.

By keeping our seed operations close to home, our farm is able to eliminate excessive emissions associated with trucking seed to and from different growing areas.

Since our establishment in 1975, our farm has focused on selecting the best crops to complement the growing conditions in the Klamath Basin.

Over the years, we have been able to hone-in on the varieties which best respond to the short growing season, fluctuating temperatures and varying hydrological conditions which our area experiences.

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